The Story of Guru Nanak and his Disciple


A loving Guru and devotees are always inseparable!

It is always difficult to comprehend the ways of God and Guru!

Guru Nanak and Mardana shared a very unique and special relationship. They were inseparable. There are several popular incidents which cite this special affinity between them.

When Guru Nanak received enlightenment, he was accused by Mardana of not loving him.

“I love you the most,” replied the surprised Guru Nanak to Mardana.

“Why do you think that I don’t love you?

“ That is because you met God alone, and did not take me,” said Mardana. “If you had loved me, you would have taken me with you also with you to meet God!

“ I did not take you on purpose, “said Guru Nanak, smiling lovingly at Mardana. “If I had taken you to meet God, we would have sung his praises, and God would have loved your Rebec music so much, that he would have kept you with him in heaven.

Then, how could I have lived alone in this world, without you? asked Guru Nanak.

Purpose of Guru in life!

God is inside everyone. But to realize him and experience that God is you; you need a guru (Enlightened Master).We can see everything with our eyes but to see our own eyes we need a mirror. An Enlightened Guru is like a mirror who shows your real picture through his divine grace. The glory of an Enlightened Guru is unlimited writings.

Sun has to open his eyes for eliminating darkness, similarly Enlightened Guru has to bestow his grace to make experience who we are (God inside me is me). We can’t open the locked door without keys; similarly we cannot realize the God in you is you without an Enlightened Guru.

Medicine is created by God to cure our diseases. Likewise a Divine power is created by God to destroy thereby unify our mind with God, that magnificent divine power is Enlightened Guru. Mind is the only reason for our desires, distress and sufferings, relationships. It is the only hurdle between God and us. To remove that Cover you need an Enlightened Guru.

You have to surrender your life to an Enlightened Guru. Your mind and intellect should always meditate an Enlightened Guru. Your life should be inclined to divine service in presence of an Enlightened Guru.

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