• Q. 1 How Does Numerology influence our lives?

Think of a world devoid of numbers and letters. Won’t it be chaotic? The numbers and letters have been handed down to us by our ancient wise men from time immemorial. Like Astronomy, the predictive sciences of Astrology and Numerology also are some fields of knowledge which we have inherited from them. Cosmic forces manifest themselves in one physical form or the other, which fact even the rationalists or skeptics do not deny. We, the earthlings are under the continuous bombardment of those cosmic forces, subject to the question of WHICH planet they come from. The Rishis of our land who were the fountainheads of wisdom, assigned numbers to each of the planets after careful research. Thus, the Numbers represented the planets in the solar system depending upon their angular distances from the Sun and the Earth, the strength of their vibrations, their speed and the orbits with respect to sun and the Earth and many other factors, both metaphysical and paranormal. So, it can be easily understood that Numerology influences our everyday life, whether we believe in it or not!

  • Q. 2 Why do the Numerologists follow the numerical values assigned to English alphabets only? Does it mean that the cosmic vibrations, as you call them, do not manifest effectively in the sounds of other languages?

A good question indeed! This has been explained briefly by my father in his book. However, I shall elaborate it a little further. You know that wisdom is like a river. It keeps flowing from place to place enriching the soil all the way. Thus anyone who was thirsty was benefited by it. Numerology, whatever form it had originally, transmigrated to Chaldea, Egypt, Greece and the land of Hebrews, who all had a share in nourishing and developing it. The world always needed in simple, easy and quick ways of understanding and solving the day-to-day problems. Unlike the Eastern scripts, the Phoenician, Greek or Roman scripts provided the solution. The Egyptian numerals were easy to handle and were universally accepted. So were the 26 English alphabets. Didn’t we readily recognise the advantage of a motorised vehicle over bullock-carts? That’s how the phonetically advantageous letters of English, and the written form of Arabic numerals came into use. Einstein once reminded to Dr.Radhakrishnan during their conversation that it was India that gave the world the value of “Zero” which was represented by the words like “Shoonya”, “Gola” and “Andaa” in the earliest Sanskrit texts, which was readily accepted by the world. The changing world had the right to switch over from the esoteric to the exoteric and hence we follow the English language which is nothing but the combination of “Aym, Kleem, and Sowh”!

  • Q. 3 There may be millions of people born under any particular date. Will their fortunes be alike?

It need not be! Your question is somewhat macrocosmic. Coming to the microcosmic approach, don’t you know that even the twins born on the same date, at the same hour and minute and of the same parents do not find their lives similar. At the most, their features and some events of their lives may be alike. But, their fortunes may differ, because THEIR NAMES AND THEIR NUMEROLOGICAL VALUES ARE DIFFERENT. So were the cases of the Siamese twins and the Iranian twins. That’s where Numerology unfolds a lot of mysteries.

  • Q. 4 In your book, “SCIENCE OF FORTUNE” you seem to have branded some numbers as “taboo”s! For example, Number 26. How do you justify it?

Well, the readings for Number 26, Birth date or Name number, are of course a mixture of both good and bad, because it is under the influence of SATURN represented by Number 8. The positive or negative results of ANY number depend upon the Birth number, Destiny Number, the Name Number (the total of the numbers assigned to the letters in a Name) and of course, the date on which the person commences a work and the number that signifies the work. The readings given in the book are very basic and one need not fear the numbers like 8. It is not a taboo! For material success, Number 8 people have to work harder than others. But it shows the easy way to spiritual success. U.S. President Truman and General Mac Arthur were born under Number 8 only. They did not see eye to eye and the latter was relieved of his position when he was at the peak of his popularity. (Refer to my father’s bold prediction to such effect well before it happened, as mentioned in his book!). You know that in the later days American Government’s holiday list has immortalised Mac Arthur’s name but not Truman’s! Such mysteries – not “taboos”, as you say, can be interpreted only by a well-informed and experienced Numerologist who is both intuitive and intelligent!

  • Q. 5 If only we had changed our Names as you suggest, could we have become lucky in all our efforts? This question is with specific reference to those who were born under Number 2, 7 and 8.

“Science of Fortune” says that the 7 people will succeed in all their virtuous deeds and they have to avoid dates under 7 (with some exceptions), 8, 17 and 26. They must choose life-partners born under Number 2, 4 or 6. Likewise, people born under Number 8 dates should have names according to their Destiny number, if it is lucky. They must avoid dates like 8 th , 7 th and 26 th the their career. Their life-partner must be of Numbers 1, 4 and 6. There is also a numerological advice for Number 2 people and Success will follow if atleast their Destiny Numbers are lucky as mentioned in the book. The book by itself cannot give lifetime interpretations for every human being born from the I st January to the 31 st December of any year. That’s where a qualified Numerologist’s services are required. If you go through the list of personalities born on various dates, you can easily guess that a benefic number is not always benefic and a malefic number is not always malefic. “Science of Fortune” guides you like a signpost showing the direction you must choose and serves like a beacon to the multitude in the mid-sea. Walk, run, swim or sail – the efforts and success must be yours! A few letters from our clients and readers published in this book stand as shining testimonies of success through the science of Numerology.

  • Q. 6 Now-a-days, there are scores of books in the market. How does “Science of Fortune” differ from them?

A very good question! Please tell me who was the first and foremost in the world to give interpretations upto Number 108. It’s Pandit Sethuraman! Who is worshipped as the Preceptor by millions of successful clients all over the world even to-day. It’s Pandit Sethuraman! Who published the first book on modern Numerology in 1954 which is in great demand even after 50 years. It’s Pandit Sethuraman! From a novice to a practising professional, there is none in our country or elsewhere who does not know Panditji or his monumental work! His system is original, unique and practical. It is based on years of study and research interladen with intense spiritual practice which no other author had even dreamt of. Panditji has shared some of his rare experiences with his readers which are rather enlightening. Many latest authors, barring a few have boldly plagiarised Panditji’s work and published them in their own names.

I can only say that they have not checked their own numbers since due action has been initiated against those copyright violators.

  • Q. 7 In the case of individuals, personal consultation would set the things right. But, what about cities, countries and mundane events? Can their fate be changed by changing their names too?

Of course, Yes! But who will bell the cat? There are glaring examples in the last few pages dealing with this subject only. Many readers have welcomed these conclusions and have sent letters of appreciation, because they are unique!

  • Q. 8 The world has become rather materialistic if we compare the year 1954 with the current period. How will be the future of Numerology and your “Science of Fortune”?

Dr.C.V.RAMAN, the Nobel Laureate of India once said, “Fanaticism is the enemy of truth. Never become so scientific or religious that you forget to be human!” Those who live by that axiom know that Numerology and “Science of Fortune” have stood the test of time, because they are founded on the rockbed of logic and science. Even the western scholars wondered as to how, without any scientific instruments, the ancient pandits of India could accurately fix the period of precession of Equinoxes every 25827 years. Popes Leo XIII and Pius X of Vatican , Shah of Persia Muzaffer-Ed-din, the American rationalist Colonel R.G.Ingersoll – all have expressed their belief in Numerology.

Ingersol, the atheist scholar even went to the extent of telling that he did not believe in god or religion but believed in Numerology! These facts are not mere heresay but are recorded statements. People know very well what the greatest scholar of our country, Sir M.Viswesveraya said about my father, Pandit Sethuraman and his science! The present day world has become more conscious of Numbers and what they can do! Those who are interested in finding their signs of fortune would certainly need the book. “SCIENCE OF FORTUNE”!