God is Everywhere

God’s ways are always beyond human comprehension. Today, on this auspicious Arudra festival day of God Nataraja, during dharsan, I felt like sharing one of my golden memories with Panditji.
One fine morning, an old client who was immensely benefited after consulting Panditji before few years back, had come to express his heartfelt gratitude to him. He had brought with him fruits and sweets along with a big garland made of shembagam. When he was about to garland panditji , Panditji stopped it and told him to place the garland on the table itself though he accepted the other offerings telling him that when he saw the beautiful garland, he couldn’t help but think that it would be really wonderful if it could be adorned on God Nataraja of Chidambaram. When the client left, another family came for consultation. I sat there wondering why this beautiful garland was lying exposed under fan and asked my father if I should put the same to the deities in our pooja room. Panditji told me to simply keep quiet.
An hour passed and a tall gentlemen by name Mr.Palani Muthaliar, the proprietor of Vani Pharmacy located in Chidambaram entered and offered his obeisance to Panditji. He said that he had actually come to Madras to attend a marriage that had happened that morning and that when the ceremony got over, he suddenly felt the urge to seek Panditji’s blessings on his way back to Chidambaram. Panditji, upon hearing this told him to take the shembagam garland with him and offer the same to God Nataraja as soon as he reached Chidambaram. He was happy to do this seva and by 4 PM the garland adorned God Nataraja.
What power led to that person having an urge to seek Panditji’s blessings immediately while he had come only to attend the marriage?
Only God knows the secret.
Our sincerity, love, passion, and dedication can definitely take us closer to God.

Video Courtesy : Chidambaram Nataraja Abhishekam

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