My Fortune

The role of numbers in human life is so important that we cannot live in this world without the knowledge and use of numbers. The science of Numerology emphasizes the same. It proves to you the facts about the interplay of the NUMBERS that represent your dates of birth and the alphabets (English) in your personal and mundane life and how you can tune your luck that may have been elusive or evasive. No two human beings are alike cent per cent, in physical or mental faculties, twins not excluded. So is their luck! Mr. V.S.Guruswamy, son and disciple of Pandit Sethuraman who authored “Science of Fortune”– the historic best seller on the subject of Numerology internationally, has come out with a new book entitled “MY FORTUNE” now in eBook form. On the basis of the facts stated above and his valuable experience of two decades, he is ready to share his knowledge and secrets of success as to how you can become a ” winner” in life, just by numerologically tuning your name’s alphabets. So lucid and simple are his readings and methods that you may forget to think that it is the gist of his relentless research for several years. After sincerely following Mr.Guruswamy’s advice through this monumental work,” My Fortune “, you are bound to attain your fortune !

The taste of the pudding is in eating it ! Your success is in reading “My Fortune”!