Beautiful message from Guru Nanak Dev Ji!


Guru Ji visited many countries to preach Divine message along with his companion Bhai Mardana ji, the Rebab player.

When Guru Nanak was visited Baghdad, he was taken to Pir Dastgir’s residence. Pir was sitting on his “PRECIOUS THRONE” while Guru ji was standing on the ground surrounded by many ordinary people. The holy man -Pir [Highest Priest] now began to question Guruji to give justification of what was happened in early morning. Pir Dastgir was greatly impressed by Guru ji’s argument in favor of sacred music. He and his followers who wanted to lynch the Guru for the alleged crime against Islamic tradition became his admirers and friends.

Now Pir Dastgir came to a state of Humbleness and asked Guru Nanak Dev Ji,

“O Hindi Faqir, since the day I am meditating, there are three questions which always echo in my brain all the time.

First question:-If the God (Khuda/Allah) has created the world, and then who had created GOD? Who was before God?

Second Question:- Where does God (Allah) live?

Third Question:-What does Khuda (Allah/God) do?

Question is always a burden on anyone’s mind. If a person is walking with lots of weight on head, then it is very hard to walk comfortably. Similarly if we have lots of question on our mind then we grow anxious, until a perfect answer is discovered.

Pir Dastgir had burden of questions too. When he judged Guru Nanak a potential of easing his mental load, he offered three questions to Guru Nanak and said,

“These questions have been constantly straining my mind for many years. In Islam we believe Allah lives seven skies above the earth and according to some in seven nether including earth itself. But I want you to explain about HIS existence”

Now Guru ji said, “Your questions are very valuable and priceless, but difficult too. I know you are a highly spiritual leader. I have heard that people has utmost respect for you and bring pearls, diamonds rubies and jewelries to offer you as obeisance. They bring lots of money to you and bow before you. They also pay respect by donating golden coins on your feet for sake of seeking answers to their sufferings. Now I want you to show me those pearls, diamonds rubies and jewelries? I want you to bring them to me before I answer your questions.”

Pir Dastgir instantly had a current of shock waves flowing through his mind. He was now thinking, I have not yet received any answer to my questions, but payment is already being asked. But because he wanted to end his accumulated mental stress over the years, he ordered his disciples to bring a plate full of diamond, pears and gold coins to offer Guru Nanak in a hope he might get the answers.

Guruji now looked at Pir Dastgir and said, “Pir, I want you to count these diamonds one by one.”

Pir was bit astonished but he stared counting as…

“1” [Ek] ……… “2” [Do’] ……… “3” [Tin] …………..”4″ [Char]

When Pir reached the count of FOUR, Guru ji stopped him and said, “You are not a good accountant, you lack basic counting skills.”

Pir said, “I have counted correctly up to four”

But Guru Ji said, ” Yes while counting up to “4” you made a mistake and I want you to recount.”

He started counting again, “1” [Ek] ……. “2” [Do’] ……… “3” [Tin] …………..”4″ [Char]. Sooner when he reached the count four, Guru ji stopped him again and said,” Pir, you are wrong again.”

Pir grew bit angry but politely said, “I am going to recount again, just stop me to a point when you think I am wrong. I just want to know where the problem is, in my counting?”

Satguru said, ” Ok, I will tell you”.

Now he started counting as…… “1” [Ek] ……. , Guruji stopped him and said, “Pir, start counting prior to “1” [Ek].

Pir replied nervously, “How can I count prior to “1”. Before “1” [Ek], is NOTHING. I must start with 1″.

Guru Nanak Dev ji said, “YES”. “1” … Ek Onkar. There is nothing before “1”.

He is only ONE. Everything start from “1”.

One is HIM.

He is seed, the origin, the primal Lord.”

Guru ji recited Mool Mantar and said it is a seed. Nothing is beyond this. It is the primal truth that the creator is “1” [Ek].

It is the foundation of the whole world and beyond..

“There is only but ONE God, the Eternal Truth, Almighty Creator, and Unfearful, without Hate and Enmity, Immortal Entity, Unborn, Self-Existent. The ONE who was true before the creation, The One Who was true in the beginning of the creation, The One Who is true now, and O Nanak, The One Who shall be True forever”.

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