V. S. Guruswamy – leading Numerology Specialist in India

Sri. V. S. GURUSWAMY, the son and disciple of Pandit Sethuraman is practicing the profession of Numerology for more than two decades. True to his father’s tradition, his professional service as a Numerologist has won worldwide acclaim. He has brought out the English version of Adhista Vingyanam, entitled “SCIENCE OF FORTUNE” in the year 2003 and it has sold ten editions till 2013. He also published it in three other languages including Chinese. He has clients in almost all countries of the world. His researching attitude has helped him reach the pinnacle of his profession. His continuous research on the subject of Numerology with respect to Birth and Destiny numbers revealed lot of interesting and useful findings that enabled him to bring out the Numerology eBook “My Fortune” for global readers.

Born in 1963, Sri.V.S.GURUSWAMY has a post-graduate degree from University of Madras. He has travelled all over the world and provided consultation to top corporate bodies and individuals. Sri.V.S.GURUSWAMY is a famous astrologer & leading numerologist and specialist in powering individuals name / company Name for Success & Growth.

His achievements in the field of numerology:

  • The lifestyles of many individuals have undergone major changes for the better!
  • Many corporates have been immensely benefited by his occult advice and have successfully avoided labor unrest and accidents. What more, there is cordial relationship between the Management and the employees too!
  • Several business concerns improved their profits and many professionals have become more prosperous!
  • He was responsible for transforming many sick industries into profitable ones!
  • He improved the fortunes of many ill-managed corporates by his occult advice and Numerology Services thus helping them contribute more to the GDP of the nation!
  • He fine-tuned the unlucky name numbers of innumerable businesses that were ailing in their planning or execution, thus helping them achieve phenomenal success!
  • He guided many industrialists in choosing the most lucky and auspicious names for their brands and today all of them claim that they owe their success to him!
  • His skill in numerological evaluation of several wayward individuals and correction of their names saved them from becoming wastrels; they are now responsible citizens!
  • Many childless couples who consulted him have been blessed with progeny by having their names corrected by him!
  • Be it business partnership or marital alliance that warrants loyalty and understanding, he is capable of remedying the malady by ushering in peace and prosperity!
  • He has touched the lives and hearts of his clients all over the world by scientifically analyzing their professional and personal lives with reference to their numbers and guiding them in their pursuit of happiness!
  • He is a one of the best numerology specialist in Southeast Asia!

Top industrialists who belong to the important sectors like the automobiles, textiles, chemicals, cement and oil frequently consult him and are profoundly benefited by his advice.