Whether for families or for corporate clients, Sri. V.S. Guruswamy offers his consultation only in person for specific reasons. This was the policy of his father and guru, Pandit Sethuraman from day one which continues to be followed by his son also. Consultations are being done only by fixing prior appointments by mail. We do not have any representatives or branches anywhere in this world except our official residence. Readers are requested to note that our office functions only at the following address:

V.S. Guruswamy
“Sri Gayatri”, No. 14, Srinivasan Street,
Chennai – 600 028, India


The readings / predictions / directions are given on the basis of the data given by the clients, such as,

For individuals (families that consult in person)

  • 1. Date of birth
  • 2. Time of birth
  • 3. Place of birth
  • 4. Name with correct spellings as used officially
  • 5. Correctly cast horoscope, if any
  • 6. 3 proposed names with correct spellings (either for individuals or for a newborn baby)

For Corporates

  • 1. Name of the Concern (correctly spelt)
  • 2. Date of incorporation / registration with R.O.C.
  • 3. Proprietor’s name & his date of birth/all the partners’ names & dates of birth.
  • 4. Names & dates of birth of Directors, if it is a limited company.
  • 5. Company’s registration number.
  • 6. If the business has a brand name, its correct spelling.
  • 7. Correct spelling, if any, of the new business proposed (Three choices can be given.)

Naming a newborn child or a new business venture, an individual or an institution, or fine-tuning the existing names to luckier ones is totally according to the decision of the numerologist alone. This is a pre-condition to actual consultation.

The consultation fees will be decided as per the type of services to be availed of by the clients.

The auspicious names and dates for registration of the businesses will be decided at the time of consultation, because the growth or success of an individual or institution depends upon varying factors. The very reason for insisting on consultation in person is that the co-relation of various factors like palmistry, astrology, etc., is possible only when the client discusses the issues in person.