The Book

The book “My Fortune” elucidates the interplay of Fate and Free will in the lives of human beings employing the numbers that constitute their dates of birth and names written in English. The author, Mr.V.S.Guruswamy is not just a practitioner of Numerology alone, but has been a researcher for two decades. His numerological evaluation of thousands of individuals’ lives, their success and failure in their career, love life, or marriage set the basis for his research. Thus was born the classic called My Fortune! The classification of people according to their dates of birth, their character, their capabilities and the extent of their success are clearly discussed in this book. Above all, the clues for achieving your goals using the numbers related to your names (based on Chaldean System) are secrets which no other professional would actually share!

Initiated and trained by his illustrious father, Pandit Sethuraman, the first and the only Numerologist in the world to give readings for name numbers upto 108, Mr. Guruswamy continued his research for several years using his innate wisdom. “My Fortune” is the result of his astounding findings. You will find readings for anyone born on any date between the 1st January and the 31st December of any year and for any name written in English in his or her everyday life. By understanding the interpretations given by him in this book, one can lead a harmonious and successful life, personal and professional! To cap it all, you would find in this many famous newsmakers in history born under various combinations of Birth and Destiny numbers. Thus this book is not only educative but also entertaining!

You are now free to find for yourself how fortunate you are or how to make yourself fortunate!