Peace! …… at what price?


Peace of mind and happiness are the only two things the human race is after from time immemorial and to attain them, struggles have to be put up or wars have to be fought depending upon the course, domestic or national. Gautama Buddha preached that desire was the root cause of all evils, but he only meant the “wrong” type of desires which end up in disappointment and deterioration of moral values. If there is a need, it can be fulfilled without any problem so long as it is legal or legitimate or within our reach. But greed can never be satisfied. If at all someone’s greed is to be satisfied it will be only at a price for peace! There are glaring examples in the history, the past and the present and that is what “My Fortune” highlights for its readers!

Chung Mong–Koo, was born with 1 and 7 as birth and destiny numbers. He was a successful Korean car manufacturer and a thoroughbred professional. His products were among the best sought after ones in the world. He had every comfort or luxury at his disposal. Sadly enough, he committed suicide jumping from the twelfth floor of his office building. Suicidal tendencies surged in him on a date constituted by the number of Uranus & Saturn (4&8) and he ended his own life. He was indicted for his involvement in a business deal and 1ost his peace. His “life ground to a halt all of a sudden!” Go through the readings for his name number 57 in “My Fortune”!

The best example for greedy character could be Adolph Hitler (Name Number 43) who was born on a 2 and 5 dates. Due to the conflicting combinations of birth, destiny and name numbers, his greed of conquering countries knew no bounds and he lost his peace of mind along with all that he achieved. On the cusp of 29th and 30th April, 1945 (Destiny Number 8) he committed suicide!

There are umpteen examples to prove that despite having all the comforts and luxuries in life, many among us fail to lead a life of peace and harmony. I would advise them to judge their birth, destiny and name numbers by going through this valuable book. You are sure to achieve peace and happiness.

Generally, those who are born on the dates 1,10,19 and 28 are fiercely independent in nature. The stubbornness or obstinacy of those born on the 1st, the egalitarian approach or philanthropic nature of those born on the 10th, the 19th born who find it difficult to be adaptable to circumstances and people around them and those born on the 28th who become victims of their own helping attitude, do not easily find peace of mind and have to re-evaluate their ways of life.

The number 2 people (born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th) are “lunarians” whose moods and views are fast changing like their planet. They lose their confidence at times and distrust others easily. If they follow the advice given in “My Fortune”, they would understand their own personalities and live at peace and harmony.

The number 3 people (born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th) are basically egoistic. They won’t stoop down to the level of those who are “time servers” in the society and so they lose their peace of mind when what they expect do not always happen.

Those who take some bold moves in their lives and those who do not compromise with opposing views generally belong to Numbers 4, 13, 22 and 31. They are bound to lose peace of mind and are cautioned to be careful.

The people born on the 5th, 14th and 23rd are an impatient lot! They are fast-thinking or fast-moving. Best advice for them to follow is to remember the old saying “Haste is waste!” If they can distinguish between fast and rash actions, they can save a lot of mental peace and live happily.

The Number 6 people who are born on the 6th, 15th and 24th are basically good judges of opportunities and are more careful in timing their movements. They are interested in their own peace of mind, though they do not mind to disturb that of others! They must read this book to ensure that no harm befalls them.

Have you seen some people among us who help others to be at peace but forget themselves to live peacefully? These are the people born on the 7th, 16th and 25th. Marital disharmony, delay in progeny, stagnation in business or career and such other things delay their progress and affect their peace of mind.

Destiny entertains itself by using some humans as toys and those born on the 8th, 17th and 26th can be called those “toys”! Many of them do not find any relief to their struggles or sufferings and it is time that they read this book that shows the signs of fortune!

Just as the martial planet’s name suggests, those who come under the influence of Mars – born on the 9th, 18th and 27th are born to fight! You will find them in any walk of life but you may not immediately understand their struggles–emotionally or otherwise. They are used to hard life or regimentation, but may lose peace of mind or happiness when the result is negative or their tenacity is not recognized or appreciated by the people around them. They can achieve peace and contentment if they read the valuable advice given in this treatise!

Please remember! Peace of mind or happiness is just a state of mind. Rich or poor, they both want it. Some pay nothing to achieve it; some others pay a hefty price for it. Interestingly enough, only the rich and the powerful are found to be losing peace easily. Practically, they are not as happy as the poor and needy ones. The reason is simple. The poor or the people at the lower strata of life have limited ambitions and they learn to live contentedly. The rich are not so and they have greater responsibilities of securing their wealth, status and power. The Pandora’s Box opens when the need becomes greed, be it poor or the rich!

In anybody’s life peace or happiness is the only fortune. If you want to experience it, buy and read “Science of Fortune”!

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