Are Marriages made in heaven?


You may be surprised to note that in some cultures, the status of a man is determined by the Number of his wives! (you may guess how chaotic it will be if the status of a woman is judged by the same formula). But, the book, “SCIENCE OF FORTUNE” upholds the value of the message of the numerical values of our names and not the chimerical fantasies.

Marriage is an institution which ceremoniously unites a man and a woman in wedlock. Man, the sublimest creation of God, has a civilization to respect, a moral code to follow unlike his animal counterpart and has a duty to perform on this earth – the sacred duty of giving birth to children who would, in turn, maintain the function of this world in an orderly fashion. The race, ways and the language may differ from place to place, but this solemn ceremony’s aim is one and the same. Numerology’s role here is to help the aspiring men and women to ensure that they are suitable to each other and harmony prevails in their married life.

In this aspect, Numerology stands out as a single effective source of prediction in suggesting the right and auspicious dates for marriage which are based on the dates of birth, Name numbers and the mutually harmonious numbers of the groom and the bride.

Astrologers attach much importance to the planet Venus, the seventh sign of zodiac from one’s ascendant in a horoscope, where Venus is placed and who aspects it or conjuncts it and such other factors, in deciding the married life of that person. Numerology has somewhat different but simple tools of prediction. Number 6 signifies Venus. The Birth Number, Destiny Number, Name Number and the number of the proposed date of marriage are the basic factors taken into consideration, for judging the prospects of one’s married life. Reference to the person’s horoscope and palm print are also taken as additional tools to ensure accuracy. However, Pandit Sethuraman in his monumental work on Numerology, i.e. “SCIENCE OF FORTUNE”, has lucidly explained the importance of choosing the numerologically auspicious wedding dates for everyone born on any date of the month in a year from 1 st January to 31 st December. As you are aware, you cannot change anyone’s date of birth. Atleast a change of Name to a lucky number as mentioned in the book may do wonders coupled with choosing the right date for marriage. Remember, the book consists of the theory that enlightens the readers alright, but only a well-read and experienced practitioner who is gifted with the real wisdom can make fool-proof predictions!

One may ask why people, who are educated and erudite are failures in their married life. We are born on this earth when the planets in the sky have assumed certain positions with respect to our place and time of birth. The cosmological radiations emanating from the planets manifest their vibrations on us at that particular moment and so decide the faculties related to the body and the brain. When those electromagnetic radiations react with our bio-magnetic fields, we are ruled by the planets in thought, word and deed!. But, just as the planets move constantly in orbit, the effect of their radiation also varies and if our NAME NUMBERS and DATES OF MARRIAGE are lucky, our married life also becomes lucky and prosperous! Because, the planets and their strength of radiation are identified by the NUMBERS assigned to them so many centuries ago. Any mismatch of the numbers of the man and his bride will surely lead to doom. Many modern youngsters fall pray to this “mismatch syndrome” wittingly or unwittingly and suffer later. That is why we find these days an unusual increase in the number of divorce cases and broken marriages. On the other hand, those couples whose Birth, Destiny and Name Numbers are suitably matched and made lucky by a thorough-bred professional, are leading long, prosperous and harmonious married lives. It is advisable not to choose the dates under Number 5, like 5 th , 14 th and 23 rd of any month for marriage. (But, these dates under 5 are good for business concerns!). Those who were born on the dates of Numbers 2, 11, 20, 29, 7, 16, 25, 8, 17 and 26 must check their Name Numbers and correct them favourably. They also must choose lucky dates for their wedding. After all, Marriage is a milestone in everyone’s life and it is foolish to convert it as a tombstone – not atleast when there are lucky Numbers to help!

“Science of Fortune” authored by Pandit Sethuraman and published by him first in 1954 consists of simple calculations and conclusions which are hitherto unchanged and unchallenged. After the author’s demise in 1997, his worthy son and disciple Sri.V.S.GURUSWAMI who has more than 20 years of practice to his credit as a numerologist, continues the regular publication of the book. Both the father and the son have proved to the world the logic and magic of Numbers which are inseparably inter-woven in human lives.

It is said that marriages are made in heaven. But they should not lead us to hell — especially when you have “SCIENCE OF FORTUNE” in your hands!

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