Fruitful Meeting between M.Visvesvaraya and Pandit Sethuraman


Late Maharaja of Gwalior Jivajirao Scindia was a good friend of my father. He had great regards for my father for his extraordinary knowledge. My father had stayed as a special guest in his palace for three months.
He often used to say that my father should one day meet M.Visweswarara who was once Divan of Mysore and an eminent engineer. At that time M. Visvesvaraya was 85 years old and he was the industrial advisor to Gwalior Maharaja. My father said I am only 22 years old and Visweswaraya is 85 years old. He may not pay keen attention to what I am saying owing to my age.

Maharaja said, do not think like that. Sir. M.V . Will never underestimate and basically he is a good listener and will openly give his views and suggestion on any matter without any hesitation. After few days my father had received a personal invitation to take part in a party in which M.Visvesvaraya was the chief guest. Generally my father does not take part in such parties as whisky used to run like a river. Being a personal invitation from Maharaja himself, he had to go.

M. Visvesvaraya had come as the chief guest and after some time he went to one separate room to relax. Maharaja took my father to M. Visvesvaraya and introduced him as an eminent numerologist and erudite scholar and he can ask him anything about numbers to my father. Sayings this he went away from the room.

Then Visvesvaraya told my father that Maharaja had promised a big surprise today and asked what was that surprise for him? Later my father explained the basic concepts of numerology and also explained the importance of harmony between birth date, destiny number and name number and also what negative things will happen if they are not in proper coordination.

After hearing the basic concepts Visvesvaraya gave his basic details of birth, marriage date and his exact name. Going through his basic details my father started narrating so many important facts that could have taken place in specific years in his life and also some personal facts about his traits. Visvesvaraya was dumbfounded. He said, everyone knows my status, career, progress etc but you have openly said very few things which I only knew about it and that is what most surprising to me.

So many incidents have happened exactly on the dates mentioned by my father and he asked whether a name reveal everything about a person? He was so much open minded and asked whether he should make any changes in his name or spelling. My father gave him some basic instructions to follow in numbers and considering his age it was not necessary to make any changes in his name also. Visvesvaraya felt so much happy and brought my father to the stage and introduced him to the audience saying,

“So far I was under the impression that Mathematics had only four facets, but this man – Pandit Sethuraman has revealed to me amazingly that it has a fifth facet too. Truly, he is a great genius!”
Hearing this Maharaja Jivajirao Scindia said, if a renowned genius like Sir.M.visvesvaraya himself has accepted and saying Pandit Sethuraman is a genius means it is like whole world accepting this person as a genius.

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