I was very fortunate to meet Pandit Sethuraman in July 1973. When I met him I was employed as a Senior Engineer in a British firm in Colombo, Srilanka. I was born on the 18th and my destiny number is 6. After seeing me he made some numerical calculations and told me that my name number was 39 which is against my destiny number. He made a thorough study of my horoscope and then changed my name from S.SELVARATINAM to S.SELVARETNAM which comes to number 42. He told me to follow certain instructions strictly. Since then I was promoted as Works Manager and then as Chief Engineer within 18 months. During this period I got scholarship from Japan and UK to improve my professional capabilities.

In 1976 I was offered a job as a consultant for the Ministry of Industries in Indonesia by the United Nations. During this period my salary went up by 20 to 30 times which I never even imagined in my life. As I wanted to celebrate my achievement I invited Pandit Sethuraman to Indonesia. He gracefully accepted my invitation and stayed with me in Jakarta for two months. During his stay there, many eminent people, top political leaders and professionals, consulted him. They were all benefited. I travelled with him to Bangkok, Hongkong and Japan. Leading industrial companies and electronic giants hosted him as an important guest and took his advice for their development and better progress.

Subsequently in the year 1979 I was offered a job at the Asian Development Bank in Manila, Phillippines. My salary and other benefits went up further by 11/2 times. To celebrate my professional success once again I invited Pandit Sethuraman to come and stay with me in Manila for some days. He visited us in the year 1983 and 1986. During his stay there, top professionals including some of my colleagues at the bank consulted him. Everyone who had met him got benefited immensely. The credit for my success as an International Civil Servant goes to Pandit Sethuraman. I owe my sincere thanks to him for what I am today. Since my retirement in 1996 from Asian Development Bank, I am working as a consultant for World Bank and IMF. His guidance has enabled me and my family to lead a happy life. Even my children were greatly benefited by his guidance and they are all professionals doing exceedingly well in various parts of the world. Once again I wish to thank God for having PANDIT SETHURAMAN given a wonderful opportunity to meet Pandit Sethuraman in my life.

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