I am an allopathic physician practicing in the USA for the last thirty seven years. It was my good fortune that I consulted Pandit Sethuraman in the early seventies. Not only me but also my wife and son were immensely benefited by his numerological advice. Many hurdles and challenges that were hindering my progress in a distant country were easily overcome due to the corrections which Panditji did to my name. His son and disciple, Sri.V.S.Guruswamy who has inherited the supreme wisdom and profession of his father, has been practicing for more than two decades and he too helped me in achieving phenomenal success. But for his divine guidance fortified by his father’s blessings, I would not have progressed to this extent in life in a distant land land and advanced country like U S A. I know Sri. V.S.Guruswamy from his early age and his present knowledge, wisdom and above all his intensive research in numerology. He has performed miracles with his numerological skills in the lives of many clients. The young Pandit has brought out an eBook now, consisting of hitherto unknown secrets of success and also the formulae to achieve them. I have been consulting him very often and I am simply stunned to note how lucid and marvelous his predictions are in this eBook for every one of us. It is a unique guide and lifetime companion to anyone in any part of the world, thus global in nature. This monumental work is aptly named “My Fortune” and it is bound to conquer the world. I am sure millions of people around the world will have exposure to this wonderful phenomenon. I pray to the Almighty to bestow every success to Sri. V.S.Guruswamy and his noble mission.

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