The world of science reports that now-a-days the cases of infertility among men and women are on the increase. The reasons could be many. But what is surprising is that even those who are fit both mentally and physically are unable to bear children. They have everything in plenty in their lives but have no offspring. They become psychological wrecks with the passage of time, cursing their fate everyday even while some other people give birth to dozens of children in their lifetime without any problem. Of course, Numerology has a remedy to this malady!

Those who have the fundamental knowledge of Astrology would easily remember that Jupiter is the planet signifying progeny or children. The fifth house in a horoscope counting from Ascendant, the lord of fifth house and the planets associated with the fifth house or Jupiter would speak of children. The results will be positive if Jupiter is well-placed, and negative if afflicted. But in Numerology, Number 3 which represents Jupiter , the strength of Number 3 in the date of birth, the Destiny Number and the Name Number, and of course, the date of marriage and such other factors combinedly determine the prospects of child birth and all the faculties regarding children.

Why is Jupiter so important? Many of us may be aware that the planet Jupiter who is called “Guru” in Hindu scriptures, is 120 times bigger than our earth. The energy or power for creation (or procreation) is available for the earth’s animal life only from Jupiter. The astrological fact that Jupiter transmits to the earth three times the energy that it gets from Sun, has been confirmed by the very recent scientific discovery. No doubt, Jupiter the biggest in the solar family, second only to the Sun is the strongest planet too – especially in providing the life-force for creation!

As such, this giant planet determines the hormonal functions in the human body which is revealed by the strength of Jupiter in the date of birth, Name Number and in the numerical values of the alphabets in a person’s name. The conclusions thus drawn are confirmed by the horoscope and palm-reading. If Jupiter is not favourably disposed, then Numerology comes to the rescue of the person. The hormonal function and thus the fertility can be improved (provided no serious problem already exists in the system) by activating the numbers of Sun and Venus in relation to Jupiter. As an old maxim goes, “There are antidotes to all diseases, but not to all those who suffer from them!” The author of “SCIENCE OF FORTUNE” – Pandit Sethuraman has cryptically stated the same fact for obvious reasons in his monumental work!

Can change of name or changing the spellings in a name improve the chances of child-bearing in the case of Parents? The answer to this question can be found in the ancient scripture and epics of various religions. One of the glaring examples is the birth of Issac to Abram, the 99 years old Patriarch and his barren wife Sarai who was almost the same age. Abram became ABRAHAM and Sarai became SARAH as ordained by God, and the miracle happened! Interestingly, the alphabet “H” , which made the barren couple fertile in their old age, has an important place in a Tantrik Sloka of the ancient Hindus, numbered 46 and symbolically represented by an inverted equilateral triangle with a three 3-pronged spear in each corner. Even today, childless couples chant the symbol’s “seed” sound “Hreem” and utter the verse starting with the alphabet “L” (representing Number 3) invoking the power of two crescents united thus making a full moon! An ancient therapy in India . China and other Asian countries prescribe wearing of a Trijuti-Rudraksha (3-beads of Elaeocarpus Ganitras naturally joined) for begetting progeny. Thus, the numerological history is replete with so many examples, which only proves that the “Number Therapy”, if procedurally administered by professionally qualified people, will bestow good, healthy and wise progeny!

The difficulties our womenfolk face are not always medical but are extraterrestrial which cannot be understood by all and sundry. Problems related to conceiving, miscarriage, abortion, traumatic or disastrous delivery …. the list is endless! But simple numerological exercises as suggested by well-read and experienced practitioners who have the uncanny ability to interpret the “music of the planets” through Numbers, can bring harmony to the lives of the suffering souls. Sound is an energy and the modern science has proved that there are certain wavelengths of sound which help break the kidney stones even without an incision or surgery. That is the ultrasonic surgical equipment which is the electronical variant of the numerological mechanism which acts as a proof that NUMBERS AND NAMES emanate energy through their sound vibrations which are cosmologically absorbed and are activating the metabolism of all the humans on this earth. This is the core principle of creation of the universe accepted by each and every religion, though the modern scientists may call it “Big bang theory” etc.,

Sound creates energy, transmits energy and transforms energy. This phenomenon, if properly understood and used, will help creation.

Numerologically speaking, creation of Children too!

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