God’s grace can accomplish anything in Life


Last year, during Arudra day in Chidambaram, one of my clients had gone for darshan. Upon seeing the huge crowd, he had asked an aged Dikshitar why they couldn’t allow cars inside for easy darshan given the long distance from the main entrance to the inner shrine.
The Dikshitar had gotten angry and had walked away saying that during the last century, cars had been allowed inside that shrine only twice. Once, for His Excellency R. Venkataraman after he was sworn in as President of India, and again for Pandit Sethuraman of Madras who had come to offer special prayers for Loka Kshema.
Surprised, my client met me with the “Kunjithapatham” special Prasad from the temple and asked me how they had permitted Panditji’s car inside the temple?
I narrated to him the incident that took place in the year 1995.
Panditji had had a strong desire in his heart for many years to offer something very big to God Nataraja during his lifetime. He had heard about a special herb that was almost impossible to obtain, and most pleasing for God Nataraja. He prayed that God Nataraja should fulfill his desire. By God’s grace, he was able to get that herb in sufficient quantity needed for the offering.
In our ancient scriptures, it is given that God Nataraja came to Chidambaram with 3000 members who were called as Dikshitas. Their strength is now reduced to 376. Panditji also wanted to offer vastras, sarees, food and money to all the Dikshitas at a single stretch.
A date was fixed in the year 1995, a week before the Arudra and Panditji had made elaborate arrangements. Special flowers from Srirangam were arranged for all the deities in the temple. Seeing the elaborate arrangements and Panditji’s dedication to God Nataraja, the Dikshitas were moved and asked Panditji to come by car to the inner shrine. On that special day, herbal extracts were applied on both God Nataraja and God Govindaraja. Both Gods were adorned with beautiful garlands. The whole atmosphere was festive and joyous.
Special Maha Neiyvedyams were offered and all of us shed tears of joy. After the pooja was over, all the Dikshitas sat with their family at one place in order. Panditji garlanded everyone and submitted his offerings to them. A grand lunch was served to them.
After this, the senior most Dikshita aged 96 years clasped Panditji’s hands and said “Right from God Nataraja and God Govindaraja all of us were extremely pleased by your special offerings to God and also to us. I am 96 years old and I have never seen such a grand pooja in my lifetime. So many philanthropists and billionaires come and offer in crores but none can match your soulful samarpan to the God for Loka Kshema. “
After two years when news about Panditji’s demise was conveyed to them, the Dikshitas immediately lit the “Moksha Deepa” in the temple for Panditji’s soul to rest at the feet of God Nataraja.

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