Pandit Sethuraman ‘s memorable Malaysian trip


The following is an excerpt from Numerology Pandit Sethuraman‘s diary.

I travelled to Singapore and Malaysia for the first time in 1959 and returned only after six months. I went there to meet the people who were living away from their families. These people generally came down to India once in two years, stayed for a month or two and then returned to Malaysia and Singapore for work.

Some Muslim friends hadn’t met their families in over 7 or 8 years. Their date of birth or the sum total of the numbers of their date, month and year was usually 7. Some of them who had their problems solved by meeting me in India told me that many people who couldn’t make it to India to meet me were experiencing similar problems. So, in order to get their problems solved, they requested me to spend some time in Malaysia with them.

The day I reached, Shri Sarangapani, the Managing Director and Editor of the “TAMIL MURASU” newspaper arranged a grand reception and a lecture in the evening, announcing that people should attend the meeting with a note of their correct dates of birth. The meeting was attended by 1000 people.
In his introductory speech, he said, “This author has not come here to make money like everybody else but to bring prosperity to those who are living away from their wives and children.” I told everyone at the meeting that the reason for their plight was number 7 and asked them how many of them did not have number 7. Nobody stood up. All of them stated that they had brought a note of their correct dates of birth.

Most of the people who attended the event including Shri Sarangapani said that they had been living away from their families for over a decade. Of the many sad stories I heard, there were even some who had come there to work just four days after their wedding and had not returned since. All those whose names I had changed are now living in happily along with their wives and children. After the meeting was over, Shri. Sarangapani took Panditji to his guest house. On the way, there was a huge gathering of people for a political meeting. Seeing that crowd, Panditji simply laughed. Shri. Sarangapani said, “Panditji, I know why you are laughing. Our meeting was attended by audience and what you see here is only a crowd.”

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