Panditji’s first Visit to Ceylon!


On invitation from various friends, Panditji visited Ceylon in the year 1951, and stayed as a special guest of MR. Vairamuthu, then secretary in the Home Ministry. After few days MR. Vairamuthu had arranged a special meeting in which several judges and erudite scholars were present.

At the beginning of the meeting a person sang the Tamil Mother Praise song. Instead of concluding with that, he simply continued with and another song called Koluru pathipagam and a song on God Muruga with the sentence NAAL ENNA SEYYUM , KOL ENNA SEYYUM, (which means what can the days do, what can the planets do when the God Muruga is there).

It was like mocking at panditji, who is supposed to give a brief talk on the subject of numerology, the impact of dates and destiny number in human life. Pandiji asked that person to stop that song in the middle as he felt that the song was irrelevant at that place and asked that person to write his name and date of birth in the blackboard.

After seeing his birth number and destiny number and his exact name, panditji spoke to the audience that due to the impact of the disharmony of number combination of that person, such combinations bring severe skin problems in the body, especially ECZEMA and turned to that person and asked him to raise his dhoti to the knee level to ascertain panditji s conclusion.

That person was dumbfounded. He shed tears and raised his dhoti to the knee level and his left leg was so much affected with ECZEMA and had dark patches. He prostrated at the feet of Panditji in the stage itself in front of the audience and told Panditji that he had been taking various treatments for more than 16 years and none of them were of any use. He said, as panditji could say his problem by going through his numbers itself, he humbly requested Panditji to make changes in his name immediately. After this Panditji spoke to the audience very interestingly as follows.

“This gentleman sang the song of KOLURU PATHIPAGAM by THIRUGNANA SAMBANDAR. When he started from Chidambaram to go to Madurai to argue and win over the Jains and convert the king and his people to saiva tradition, some pundits intercepted and said to Sambandar that the day he was starting was not auspicious and he should start on the next day. But Sambandar did not listen to their advice and he immediately sang a song called KOLURU PATHIPAGAM which says planetary influence will not harm the divine personalities.

He went to Madurai and the king was suffering from severe stomach ache and he challenged that if anyone can cure his stomach ache-he will adhere to that religion. His stomach portion was divided in to two, left and right and the jain monks applied some paste on the right side and sambandar sang a song in praise of Lord Shiva and applied the sacred Vibhuti on the other side. In the side where sambandar smeared the sacred Vibhuti , the stomach pain was gone totally.

The jain monks could not stop the pain on the right side. Unable to accept the defeat they invited sambandar for two more tests by name ANAL VAADAM, PUNAL VAADAM even in which sambandar won.

Sambandar went to see the king the next day after his victory thinking that he can convert the 10,000 jain monks to saivite traditions. He heard the shocking news, that the king got so much annoyed hearing the news that the Jain monks tried to set fire to the house in which Sambandar was staying as they have lost in all the three challenges to Sambandar, the king had ordered and impaled 10,000 monks.

Sambandar cured the remaining part of the stomach of the king, but he had lost the chance of bringing 10,000 people to saivaite tradition. Here the point worth noting is as sambandar started on a bad day, theses 10,000 people had a pathetic end and of no use to anyone. So before few minutes this gentleman sang the song what days can do , planets can do for the human life, I have come all the way from INDIA only to say what days can do and planet can do in life.

The whole audience, which consisted of many judges gave a standing ovation for pandit sethuraman for few minutes. Panditji then continued his torrential speech for next two hours. Many revered judges personally regretted that they did not bring any notebook to make detailed note of panditji’s excellent speech.

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