Pandit Sethuraman makes the impossible possible by Goddess’ grace!


Panditji went to Ceylon on invitation from some judges who had attained high positions with his guidance. At that time, he had stayed with Sri. Vairamuthu, who was then Secretary to the Home Minister of Ceylon. One day Panditji had an urgent call to attend a meeting with the judges. Mr. Vairamuthu warned Panditji, saying that the urgent request from the Judges to meet him was mainly to ascertain whether Justice C. Nagalingam would become Chief Justice. He repeatedly told Panditji not to get involved in this affair, as Justice Nagalingam had only four and half years of service while two of his seniors had five and seven years of service. Mr.Vairamuthu was of the firm opinion that it would be better for Panditji not to make any casual predictions in this regard. Panditji simply said that he would do whatever he could.

During the meeting, Justice Nagalingam approached Panditji and asked if he could suggest any solution which could make it possible for him to attain the post of Chief Justice and bring honor to all the Tamilian Community in Ceylon. Panditji prayed for a few minutes and gave in writing that if he went on leave for some time and rejoined duty on a particular date, he would get the highest post in the county.

Justice Nagalingam did as Panditji suggested. After a month, the Chief Justice had to go to Australia to participate in a conference and the next Judge had to undergo surgery. Under such circumstances, justice Nagalingam became the acting Chief Justice.

In a few days, the then Governor General had to leave for London and Judge Nagalingam got the opportunity of taking over as the Governor General.

The top person in the Government, who subsequently became the Prime Minister having witnessed all this, became a fan of Panditji. He wanted to honor Panditji and consult with him. As Panditji was not interested in getting mixed up with politicians, he left for India without telling anybody about his departure. He did not visit Ceylon after that for 27 years.

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